Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Season of Redefined Relationships

A Season of Redefined Relationship
John 15:15-16
" longer do I call you servants (slaves) but friends."

One of the aspects of this God-moment; this new season is the intention of the Father to lead His children into a process of 'redefined relationships'. That the nature or essential qualities of relationships with Him, and those on the earth are being re-examined, re-explained, re-identified, and re-classified to bring about a time of release, elevation and increase.

This will activate the spectator standing on the periphery of life and those who have been reduced to being a sporadic participator against their will, in the systems of men, into greater levels of co-laboring with heaven and ministry involvement for global transformation.

And this will lead to greater levels of influence and impact on the people of the earth.

Your 'redefined relationship' as a friend of God will usher you into higher levels of productivity and deeper level of resource building for Kingdom advance and expansion!!!

Friday, January 1, 2016

A New Word From An Old Snake!

A Word for 2016!
As is often the case, when we enter into a New Year (chronologically), there tends to be a plethora of new declarations, commitments, phrases, themes, and insights that fill the atmosphere with excitement! This year is no different! It is within this context, that I wanted to share this "WORD" that I received from the LORD, regarding what this season will bring to God's Kingdom Kids.
During my time of prayer, the Father showed me a snake and usually in spiritual terms and prophetic symbolism, a snake usually carries negative connotations attached to it. However, it this case, as I pondered why I was being shown this creature the Holy Spirit began saying it was something different that I was to see. As I kept looking, something began happening; slowly the snake began to shed its skin until all the "old" skin was off. As this old skin was shed, the snake emerged with a "new" shinny-brighter skin and then it slithered away leaving the old behind.
Then Holy Spirit began to say, "my son this is a season where I'm causing my sons and my daughters to shed their old skin and enter into new ones." He went on to say, "the old skin represented previous experiences that brought hurts and pains, that derailed and detained dreams and visions, that torpedoed businesses, companies and organizations, that killed inventions and life saving discoveries, that birth negative ways of thinking, living, seeing, and acting; all of which had a negative impact on their lives." 
Yet, the Father went on to say, "that this is a season to shed that skin, leave it behind and step into the new skin. That the new skin represents all the dreams and visions that they once had, the business and organizational ideas they gave up on, the inventions and discoveries He gave them that will have a global impact;" He said, "the relationships, resources, endeavors and projects that He promised before; step into them now for this is the season that you will experience life like never before!"
Friend, the snake didn't have to work, struggle and wrestle to shed that old skin; it just simply needed to submit to the process. The Father is saying to you, "this won't be a struggle just submit to the process!"
Beloved, take the step and shed that old skin for NEW LIFE awaits you in Jesus' name. Amen    
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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

ANGA Network Newsletter December 2015

An article written by Dr H, was recently published in a Global Awakening publication where he was asked to speak on what the Spirit is saying to the Church today. Copy and paste the link in order to read this prophetic release....